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February 2012

BioEnergetic Veterinary Medicine: Top 10 Conditions - Online Webinar: 2/15

Join Marie Lance, DVM, CVCP, on Wednesday, February 15 at 2:00 PM EST as she shares her personal insights and successes with integrating BioEnergetic medicine* into her full-service animal hospital.

Highlights include: An introduction to the principles of BioEnergetic medicine* and complex remedies; how BioEnergetic medicine can help to resolve stubborn clinical challenges including allergies, arthritis, and others; Dr. Lance's top 10 conditions for which she uses BioEnergetic medicine and other therapies; how to create a baseline for health and establish building blocks for any clinical condition; the benefits of integrating cold laser therapy, energy balancing, veterinary orthopedic manipulation, and cranial sacral therapy into practice.

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