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Abbreviations, acronyms, and synonyms

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  • Medical practitioners use a variety of abbreviations, acronyms, and synonyms in order to quickly record and refer to patient information. These shortened forms of words are sometimes also used for prescriptions. Many medical terms have their origins in Latin because doctors used to write out prescriptions in Latin.
  • In general, medical abbreviations, acronyms, and synonyms are typically only used by individuals who are healthcare practitioners. However, understanding these terms may help a patient decipher their medical records.
  • Medical abbreviations, acronyms, and synonyms are generally established for most common conditions and directives.
  • As technology changes the way medicine is practiced, an increasing number of medical abbreviations, acronyms and synonyms are being incorporated into the health care lexicon.

Abbreviations Acronyms, and Synonyms

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The information in this monograph is intended for informational purposes only, and is meant to help users better understand health concerns. Information is based on review of scientific research data, historical practice patterns, and clinical experience. This information should not be interpreted as specific medical advice. Users should consult with a qualified healthcare provider for specific questions regarding therapies, diagnosis and/or health conditions, prior to making therapeutic decisions.