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  • Magnolia and pinelliae formula, a fixed ratio mixture, has two other commonly used names: banxia houpo tang (traditional Chinese medicine) and hange koboku-to (Japanese Kampo). Magnolia and pinelliae formula consists of five crude herbs: pinellia tuber, poria, magnolia bark, perilla, and ginger. This formula is generally used to promote the flow of chi (also spelled qi). According to Chinese medical philosophy, chi circulates through the body and enlivens it. Health is a function of a balanced, harmonious flow of chi and illness results when there is a blockage or an imbalance in the flow of chi.
  • The banxia houpu decoction was prescribed 1,000 years ago by a famous Chinese folk doctor Zhong-jing Zhang and is currently being used in China to treat depression.
  • Japanese experts claim that hange koboku-to will also relieve fatigue, boost immunity, and help relieve the symptoms of chemotherapy. Currently, this herbal formula is being used in research to treat patients who are resistant to conventional forms of antibiotics.


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