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July 2010

International Congress on Palliative Care

The 18th International Congress on Palliative Care will be held at the Palais des Congres (Montreal Convention Center) in Canada on October 5-8, 2010.

The Conference is presented by the Palliative Care Division of the Departments of Medicine and Oncology at McGill University in Montreal.

Palliative care professionals of all disciplines are welcome to attend. The attendees of the conference will include nurses, physicians, social workers, physical and occupational therapists, music therapists, pharmacists, psychologists, pastoral care persons, administrators, as well as volunteers and family caregivers.

The conference will provide an opportunity to share experiences with colleagues from 50 different countries and to hear inspiring speakers discuss the latest issues in end-of-life care. In-depth workshops will cover all aspects of palliative care from the most current scientific developments in pain and symptom control, to the large existential questions, to hands-on experiential sessions addressing practical issues faced every day.

The event will also include:

* Clinical master class on pain

* All-day seminars on whole-person care, pediatric palliative care, international palliative care and palliative nursing

* Special interest sessions for volunteers

* More than 200 workshops, proffered papers, research forums and special seminars and 350 posters

Registration is available online or by mail or fax. Register before August 1, 2010 to take advantage of the early-bird rate. For more information, please visit or e-mail

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