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January 2012

Natural Standard in The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal recently consulted Natural Standard to discuss the available scientific evidence on citicoline, a natural molecule thought to affect brain function.

Citicoline was originally developed and launched by Ferrer International, S.A. for the treatment of stroke. Manufacturers have started incorporating citicoline into dietary supplement and beverage formulas. These products are often marketed for their potential to enhance brain functioning.

In the article "An Energy Shot for the Brain," reporter Laura Johannes discusses the recent hype about citicoline, and the various brands currently promoting its effects on the brain.

Dr. Catherine Ulbricht, Founder and CEO of Natural Standard, reports that citicoline currently appears to have limited side effects. However, "the jury is out" on its effectiveness for limiting the effects of stroke and enhancing brain function. There is currently some good scientific evidence that suggests potential benefits for use in stroke patients; however, evidence of benefit is still inconclusive for memory loss.

Citicoline is approved in Europe and Japan for use in stroke, head trauma and other neurological disorders. Citicoline is currently being investigated as a potential treatment for Alzheimer's disease. Further research is necessary.

For more information about integrative therapies for stroke and memory enhancement, please visit Natural Standard's Comparative Effectiveness Database.

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