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February 2012

Health Freedom Expo

The 8th Annual Long Beach Health Freedom Expo will take place March 2-4, 2012 at the Long Beach Convention Center.

The mission of the Health Freedom Expo is to bring natural health information, products and services to the public. The Expo is sponsored by the Health Keepers Alliance, a non-profit lobbying organization that works year-round to defeat restricting legislation that limits positive health freedom choices and awareness.

Featured speakers will include:

Deborah Ray, Vice President of the Alliance for Natural Health-USA.

Catherine Austin Fitts, managing member of Solari Investment Advisory Services, LLC and the publisher of The Solari Report. She discusses the importance of health and its connection to financial security.

Mike Anderson, medical researcher, author and filmmaker. Author of The RAVE Diet & Lifestyle and two award-winning films: Healing Cancer From Inside Out and Eating.

Kevin Trudeau, Natural Health Consumer advocate, best-selling author, radio host.

George Noory, host of Coast to Coast AM Radio Talk Show--nationally syndicated on 545 stations.

John Robbins, author of the international bestseller Diet For A New America--How Your Food Choices Affect Your Health; and also The Food Revolution--How Your Diet Can Help Save Your Life and Our World.

Dr. John Apsley, researcher, lecturer, co-authored five books, including bestseller The Regeneration Effect. Lectures on human regenerative techniques in medicine.

Dr. Theresa Dale, author, lecturer, Dean and Founder, California College of Natural Medicine, Hormone Rejuvenation Therapy.

Chef Alex Jamieson, author of The Great American Detox Diet, featured on Oprah and in the Oscar-nominated hit movie, Super Size Me.

Jonathan W. Emord, Constitutional Attorney who drafted the Health Freedom Bills for Congressman Ron Paul who calls him "a hero of the health freedom revolution."

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, and editor of; called "the best health and natural products writer on the scene today."

Dr. Leonard Coldwell, lecturer, author, Instinct Based Medicine; a leading authority of self-help education for cancer patients; called by many authorities the world leading expert on cancer.

Robert Scott Bell, homeopathic practitioner, high-energy radio talk show host, called the "Voice of Health Freedom."

Christian Wilde, researcher and author of Hidden Causes of Heart Attack and Stroke, he confirms inflammation's role in complicating heart disease. His newest book, Miracle Stem Cell Heart Repair, delves into the science of using one's own stem cells for actually repairing the damaged heart.

Vaishali, holistic health practitioner that transformed her health from the threat of two terminal disease diagnoses, has appeared on The Dr. Oz Radio Show and

Dr. Cochran, transpersonal psychologist and clinical social worker. A regular contributor ABC-TV in Northern California and contributes to Psychology Today and The Huffington Post.

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