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April 2012

Natural Standard Hops Review Published

The recent edition of Alternative and Complementary Therapies features an interview with Dr. Catherine Ulbricht, Founder and CEO of Natural Standard titled " What Every Clinician Should Know About Herb-Supplement-Drug Interactions" as well as a Natural Standard evidence-based systematic review on Hops (Humulus lupulus).

Alternative and Complementary Therapies is a bi-monthly, open-access, peer-reviewed journal providing the latest research on CAM therapies. This month's issue includes the following original articles:

Roundoc Rx: Neurodegenerative Disease: Part 2-Top Herbs and Supplements for Addressing Alzheimer's and Parkinson's Disease, by Robert Rountree

What Every Clinician Should Know About Herb-Supplement-Drug Interactions, by Catherine Ulbricht

Current Controversies in Nutrition: Which Fat Do We Denigrate? Dietary Fat and the Follies of History, by David L. Katz

Herbal Formulas for Alleviating Symptoms of Tinnitus, by Kathy Abascal and Eric Yarnell

Therapeutic Gardens and Horticultural Therapy: Growing Roles in Health Care, by Sala Horowitz

From Herbs to Medicines: Cocoa-Food and Medicine of the Gods, by Thomas J. Gianfagna, Raymond Cooper, James Simon, Raymond Cooper and Kerry Hughes

Data Support Antioxidant Use During Chemotherapy: An Interview with Keith I. Block, MD, by Jane Hart

Hops ( Humulus lupulus ): An Evidence-Based Systematic Review by the Natural Standard Research Collaboration, by Catherine Ulbricht, Ethan Basch, Samuel Basch, Wendy Chao, Julie Conquer, Dawn Costa, Samantha Culwell, Cynthia Dacey, Jacquelyn Guilford, Paul Hammerness, Elizabeth R.B. Higdon, Richard Isaac, Margaret Lynch, Carolyn Williams Orlando, Erica Rusie, Minney Varghese, Mamta Vora, Regina C. Windsor and Jen Woods

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