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October 2012

NEW Natural Standard Therapy Finder

Natural Standard recently launched a new Therapy Finder, an easy-to-use tool for consumers seeking personalized information about therapies to meet their specific healthcare needs.

Members may benefit from this new tool, which opens communication between providers and patients by empowering consumers with evidence-based information about integrative therapy options.

Users enter details about their background, including age, height and weight, as well as medical history, diet, lifestyle, current therapies and health interests. The tool then generates a personal profile and calculates which integrative therapies may meet their healthcare needs. Users may then review the available evidence for each potential therapy to discuss with their healthcare provider. Healthcare providers may refer to Natural Standard Professional monographs for in-depth research.

Natural Standard does not recommend specific therapies or practitioners. Always consult a qualified healthcare provider before beginning a new therapy.

To try this new tool, please visit Natural Standard's new Therapy Finder.


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