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Food, Herbs & Supplements:
Access over 1300 monographs on natural ingredients, including vitamins, herbs, minerals, non-herbal supplements, naturally sourced chemical compounds, and foods. Each monograph provides evidence-based guidance on effectiveness, potential safety concerns, interactions, and more. Help educate patients with consumer-friendly, printable Patient Handouts, available in English, Spanish, and Canadian French.



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Health & Wellness:
Explore over 140 monographs covering a wide range of complementary and alternative treatment topics, including specialized diets, alternative modalities, and other therapies. Help educate patients with consumer-friendly, printable Patient Handouts, available in English, Spanish, and Canadian French.



Sports Medicine:
Browse monographs relevant to athletic performance, including specific exercise regimens, injury treatments, and sports supplements. Review information on chemicals that may be found in supplements despite being banned by organizations such as the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) or US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).



Comparative Effectiveness:
Review all therapies that might be used for a specific condition in one easy-to-read chart. Each Comparative Effectiveness chart provides a list of natural medicines and therapies that have been studied for a selected condition, ranked by level of effectiveness.



Ss Marketmanufacturers Manufacturers:
Browse a list of all Commercial Product manufacturer or distributors available in the NatMed Pro Commercial Products Database. Select a company name to view all of the current and historical formulations which are included in the Database.



demo-cpCommercial Products:
Access the largest database of commercial dietary supplement products in the world (250,000+) with new products added daily. Quickly screen what’s in each product and review details on effectiveness, safety, interactions, and adverse events for each of the ingredients included in the product.



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Fixed Herbal Combinations:
Review over 200 fixed herbal combination products commonly used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Find out what ingredient pairings are in these common combinations, and check for potential safety concerns.




Interaction Checker:
Quickly screen for interactions between drugs and supplements. Select multi-ingredient supplement products from our Commercial Products database to pull in all relevant ingredients at once. Plus, get evidence-based interaction ratings to help you determine which interactions are the most clinically significant.



Nutrient Depletions Thumb Pdf Nutrient Depletion Checker:
Learn which nutrients are depleted by prescription and over-the-counter medications. Plus, get evidence-based depletion ratings so you know which depletion concerns are most clinically relevant.



Effectiveness Checker Thumb PdfEffectiveness Checker:
Enter any medical condition or symptom to compare natural medicines and integrative therapies that have been studied for specific conditions. View results ranked from most to least effective.



Ss DblandingCharts:
Choose from a list of substance classifications to see all topics within the selected category. Examples include adaptogens, antiplatelet agents, hepatotoxic agents, photosensitizers, vasodilators, and more. Also review our special resource charts for quick summaries on popular topics such as Nutrient-Rich Foods, Quality Certifications and Comparison of Common Commercial Probiotic Products.



Remain vigilant about unlawful ingredients found in supplements with our Advisory lists, including our FDA Advisory and COVID-19 Advisory resources.




CE/CME Center



Continuing Education:
Take advantage of CE/CME courses focused on hot topics in the natural medicines’ world, including probiotics, acupuncture, and commonly abused dietary supplements.





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News & eNewsletter:
Access articles on hot topics in the natural medicines world and dietary supplements industry. Review quick summaries on research making mainstream headlines, regulatory changes, common questions circulating on social media, and much more. Subscribe to our monthly eNewsletter.